Queensland Man Accidentally Wins Australia Lotto Jackpot Twice

A man from the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, has increased his Australia Saturday Lotto jackpot winnings after accidentally buying two identical tickets for the same draw. The AU$3.9 million jackpot was split four ways after four entries matched all six numbers, and the lucky player didn’t realise he had two of the winning tickets until he received a call from lottery officials.

Queensland Man Accidentally Wins Australia Lotto Jackpot Twice

Second Ticket Bought By Accident

The player, who is in his 40s and has decided to remain anonymous, matched the numbers 3, 6, 10, 34, 37 and 40 in the draw on 13th October. He would have won a third of the AU$3.9 million jackpot from one ticket, but he bought a second ticket by mistake to extraordinarily increase his winnings to AU$1.98 million. The other two jackpot-winning tickets came from the Southern Australia and Western Australia regions.

He knew he had won the jackpot once following the draw, but didn’t realise he was a two-time winner until the call from lottery officials who explained he had in fact won twice. He told lottery officials: “Two? Two? Oh my god. I've got double that win. So I've got more than $1.98 million? Mate, you're kidding me, you are kidding me! This is intense. What I did is I accidentally doubled up. I did buy two tickets.”

Winning Numbers Were Superstitious

He added he might quit his job following his big win, and that he hopes to spend some of his winnings on his parents. He revealed that his winning line, picked online, consisted of his ‘favourite numbers’ which are based on superstition.

“I’ve been playing these numbers a long time,” he said. “I’m superstitious. If I’m going to play, I have to play those numbers. I've done it a few times now. I buy entries in advance, but then sometimes overlap when I get the next one. I can't believe it. Twice. Yeah, this has changed the whole picture. Today, you've changed my life man. Will I quit my job? This is a distinct possibility.”

The Australia Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws have so far helped 146 players to become millionaires so far this year, and this latest win follows on from the Victoria-based player who won the Australia Lotto jackpot for the second time in 20 years earlier this year.

A married couple from Collie, Western Australia, also had a similar success story after becoming winners for the second time in the space of 12 months.

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