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Latest Powerball Results
Powerball 16/10/2019
$100 Million
Latest Mega Millions Results
Mega Millions 15/10/2019
$65 Million
Latest EuroMillions Results
EuroMillions 18/10/2019
£32 Million
Record-Breaking EuroMillions Jackpot Reaches Maximum €190 Million
Tuesday 24th September

Record-Breaking EuroMillions Jackpot Reaches Maximum €190 Million

The EuroMillions jackpot is the highest it has been in nearly two years, after rolling over for the 18th time and hitting its jackpot cap ahead of the draw on Tuesday 24 September.

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EuroMillions Jackpot Exceeds €160 Million
Friday 13th September

EuroMillions Jackpot Exceeds €160 Million

The EuroMillions jackpot is set to exceed €160 million (£143 million) ahead of Friday 13th September’s draw. It is the largest jackpot in over six months, and represents one of the longest-ever spells without a top prize winner in the lottery’s recent history.

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