Australia Man Wins Jackpot For Second Time

A man from Victoria, Australia, has overcome extraordinary odds to become a jackpot winner for the second time in 20 years. The semi-retired Melbourne resident has followed up an initial Australia Lotto win from two decades ago by scooping the $4.1 million Saturday Lotto top prize this month.

Australia Man Wins Jackpot For Second Time

The Only Jackpot Winner On The Night

The lucky winner was the only ticket holder to match 19, 22, 24, 25, 42 and 43 on 8th September, beating odds of 1 in 8,145,060 to take home the seven-figure Saturday Lotto jackpot for himself. He reportedly purchased his winning ticket from The Pines Lotto & Confectionary store at The Pines Shopping Centre in Doncaster East, Melbourne.

He described how he initially thought his wife was joking when she checked his numbers and told him what he had won. He explained: "I was at home and my wife checked my ticket on Sunday. She said to me ‘I think you’ve won Lotto’. I said to her ‘Oh right-o, sure thing love’, not believing her. That amount isn’t bad hey?”

The winner, who has decided to remain anonymous, said that he won’t quit his job, stating: "I’ll stay working until I die – I love my job!”. He says he will find "good use” for the money, and plans to put some of the winnings aside for his children and grandchildren.

He said this jackpot win is much bigger than his first win, revealing: "It’s actually the second time we’ve won division one. The last time was probably about 20 years ago and we won as part of a syndicate, so we got a good amount but obviously not the amount we got this time!  We must be the lucky ones!”

Australian Lottery Success This Year

It isn’t the first time this year that an Australian has won a substantial lottery prize for the second time, with the Melbourne success story following on from the news about a married couple from Collie, Western Australia. They won AU$1 million in a Wednesday Lotto draw, just 11 months after winning over AU$160,000 as part of a Saturday Lotto syndicate. They planned to splash out on a new car, a Harley Davidson and a honeymoon following their latest win.

The biggest jackpot in Australia Powerball’s 22-year history, worth AU$100 million, was shared by two lucky ticket holders in Melbourne and Sydney back in August, the beginning of what has been a memorable few months for Australian lottery players.

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