Australian Couple Win Second Lotto Prize In a Year

A married couple from Collie, Western Australia, have defied extraordinary odds to win a lottery prize for the second time in the space of under 12 months, backing up an initial Saturday Lotto win with further success in Wednesday Lotto.

Australian Couple Win Second Lotto Prize In a Year

Six-Figure Windfall In Wednesday Lotto

The duo, both in their 50s, won over AU$160,000 as part of a Saturday Lotto syndicate last September, and they’ve been rejoicing once again after scooping AU$1 million in the Wednesday Lotto draw on 22nd August.

Their winning ticket, bought online through their Lotterywest membership, was one of two to match all six main numbers on the night – 2, 5, 34, 39, 41 and 44. The odds of winning the Division 1 prize in either the Wednesday or Saturday Lotto draw are 1 in 8,145,060, so it is a remarkable feat to win the jackpot more than once.

The couple’s identity hasn’t been revealed, but they said this win is testament to the solidarity they have shown following a challenging period. The woman explained: “We’ve honestly had a really tough few years filled with hardships, so this is life-changing to us. Through all the tough times we’ve had we still try and put on a brave face and continue having a positive outlook. I never imagined we’d win twice but I always wish for good luck with every ticket I buy and it paid off!”

Looking ahead to the future after winning a six-figure windfall, the man, who has described his colleagues as family, said he isn’t ready to stop working just yet. However, the woman plans to retire and enjoy their new-found winnings. She said: “I’m so happy we'll be able to help our family, build our dream home and spend more time with our grandkids.”

The lucky winners added they also plan to buy a new car, a Harley Davidson and go on their first honeymoon together following ten years of marriage, stating: “Hawaii is definitely on the cards!”

Busy Period for Australian Lottery Players

It has been an exciting time for lottery players throughout Australia in recent times, after the record AU$100 million Australia Powerball jackpot was won by two ticket holders earlier this month. It was the lottery’s biggest top prize amount in its 22-year history. This follows on from the news a man from Bondi, Sydney, won two Australia Lotto jackpots in the space of five days back in May.

Winning a single lottery prize is exciting enough for players, but winning two in such quick succession is even more remarkable.

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