El Gordo Spanish Lottery

Elgordo de la primitiva

El Gordo is made up of several big money draws in Spain, including El Gordo Navidad which is famed for its gigantic prize pot, given away to lucky players once a year on the 22nd December. Other annual events include el Nino, which occurs in January and uses a similar system to El Gordo Navidad but with smaller prizes, and a summer draw in July.

How to Play the El Gordo de la Primitiva

El Gordo de la Primitiva is a weekly draw which takes place on a Sunday afternoon. Players pick five main numbers from 54 and one Key Number between 0 and nine. The Key Number acts like the Bonus Ball in UK Lotto by increasing the prizes of players who match certain numbers of main balls.

El Gordo Primitiva Odds and Prize Tiers

Here are all the details you need to know on how to win an El Gordo de la Primitiva prize:

Prize Divisions Match Winning Odds
Level 1 5 + 1 1:31,625,100
Level 2 5 1:3,513,900
Level 3 4 + 1 1:129,082
Level 4 4 1:14,342
Level 5 3 + 1 1:2,689
Level 6 3 1:299
Level 7 2 + 1 1:172
Level 8 2 1:19
Level 9 0 + 1 1:10

Jackpots begin at €5 million and often rise much higher, often to eight figures.