SuperEnalotto Italy


SuperEnalotto is an Italian lottery which has become one of the most popular games in the world since its launch in December 1997. A key factor behind SuperEnalotto’s success is the huge jackpots which are regularly available, while having three draws a week gives players lots of opportunities to win. Draws traditionally take place on a Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at 8pm local time, and are only occasionally pushed back a day for public holidays.

How to Play SuperEnalotto

SuperEnalotto players are required to select six numbers between 1 and 90 and there are prizes on offer for matching as few as two main numbers. The jackpot is won if any ticket holder matches all six numbers.

Up until 30th June 2009, all six of the main SuperEnalotto numbers were made up of the first number drawn out in regional lottery draws in the cities of Bari, Florence, Milan, Naples, Palermo and Rome, with the Jolly number drawn in Venice. However, now all of the SuperEnalotto numbers are drawn out in one single draw and then there is a second draw for the SuperStar number.

SuperEnalotto Jolly Number

The Jolly is an extra number which is drawn from the remaining 84 balls at the end of the main draw. It works like the Bonus Ball in the UK Lotto and offers players the chance to win a bigger prize. Participants who correctly match five of the main SuperEnalotto numbers along with the Jolly number increase the value of their winnings.

SuperEnalotto SuperStar Number

SuperEnalotto players can also take advantage of the SuperStar option for a small additional fee, which creates many more chances to win prizes. Players simply have to select another number between 1 and 90 as their Superstar number. This can be the same the same as a number appearing in the main set as the Superstar is drawn from a separate machine. Players who enter a SuperStar number onto their entry and who match three, four or five numbers along with the SuperStar will have their winnings multiplied, while there are also prizes for matching the Superstar plus none, one or two main numbers.

SuperEnalotto Odds and Prizes

The odds of winning any prize in the main game are 1 in 20 and the breakdown of the odds of winning in each of the six prize tiers is as follows:

Match Chances of Winning
6 numbers 1 in 622,614,630
5 numbers + Jolly 1 in 103,769,105
5 numbers 1 in 1,250,230
4 numbers 1 in 11,907
3 numbers 1 in 327
2 numbers 1 in 22

Superstar Prizes

Match Prize Odds of Winning
6 numbers + SuperStar SuperEnalotto jackpot plus €2 milion 1 in 56,035,316,700
5 numbers + Jolly + SuperStar Second-tier SuperEnalotto prize plus €1 million 1 in 9,339,219,450
5 numbers + SuperStar 25x the SuperEnalotto Match 5 prize 1 in 112,500,716
4 numbers + SuperStar 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 4 prize 1 in 1,071,626
3 numbers + SuperStar 100x the SuperEnalotto Match 3 prize 1 in 29,404
2 numbers + SuperStar €100 1 in 1,936
1 number + SuperStar €10 1 in 303
SuperStar only €5 1 in 138

The SuperEnalotto jackpot rolls over every time it is not won and can rise to extraordinary amounts. In February 2023 the jackpot for SuperEnalotto reached a massive €371.1 million, which is the largest to date.

In addition to having a chance of winning in the different prize tiers, SuperEnalotto players can win instant prizes from €25 when buying their tickets, just by matching four numbers in a ‘Magic Square’ printed on the receipt.

SiVince Tutto

Special draws are regularly staged to run alongside SuperEnalotto and one of these is the SiVince Tutto game, which has the slogan ‘You win everything’. Different rules for these special draws apply and ticket prices are often substantially higher than those for regular SuperEnalotto draws.

SiVince Tutto draws work in the same way as the main SuperEnalotto game. However, instead of the jackpot rolling over if it is not won, the top prize is guaranteed to be paid out on the night of the draw. If no players manage to match the six numbers drawn out, then the prize fund will roll down to the remaining prize tiers and be shared out amongst the winners.