Australian Lottery

Australian Lottery

Australia has a number of different lotteries for you to play, with barely a day going by without the chance to win big money on one of the games. Oz Lotto is drawn on a Tuesday, whilst Powerball is played on a Thursday evening and is the most popular lottery in the country with the biggest prizes. There are also Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lottos, which all offer the opportunity to become a millionaire.

How to Play the Australian Powerball

Players pick seven main numbers from a choice of 35 as well as a Powerball number from a possible 20. The jackpot begins at AU$4 million, but soon rises through rollovers and often produces eight-figure wins. To claim the Division 1 prize, players must match all seven main numbers and the Powerball; however, there are nine prize Divisions and you can win cash by matching as few as two main numbers and the Powerball.

Here are the ways you can win and your odds of scooping a Powerball prize on a single game:

Prize Divisions Match Winning Odds
Level 1 7 + PB (Powerball) 1: 134,490,400
Level 2 7 1: 7,078,443
Level 3 6 + PB 1: 686,176
Level 4 6 1: 36,115
Level 5 5 + PB 1: 16,943
Level 6 4 + PB 1: 1,173
Level 7 5 1: 892
Level 8 3 + PB 1: 188
Level 9 2 + PB 1: 66

How to Play Oz Lotto

Ticket holders pick seven balls from a pool of 47 and have to match all seven to win the jackpot. Three supplementary numbers are also drawn and matching any of these can boost your prize when you also match three, five or six main numbers.

The chances of winning the Division 1 prize in Oz Lotto, which starts at AU$3 million and rises much higher through rollovers, are one in 62,891,499.

How to Play Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto

The Lotto games all work on the same principle, with players choosing six numbers from a choice of 45 and matching all six to win the Division 1 prize. Two supplementary numbers are also drawn and they can boost lower Division wins if both or either is matched, here’s how:

Division 1: All six main numbers
Division 2: Five main numbers and either supplementary number
Division 3: Five main numbers
Division 4: Four main numbers
Division 5: Three main numbers and either supplementary number
Division 6 (Monday and Wednesday Lotto): One or two main numbers and both supplementary numbers
Division 6 (Saturday Lotto): Three main numbers

The Monday and Wednesday Lotto games offer a fixed Division 1 prize of AU$1 million for up to four winners. Should there be any more than four successful ticket holders then the pot of AU$4 million is shared equally between the winners.

Saturday Lotto has a minimum jackpot of AU$5 million but regularly hosts Superdraws in which the Division 1 prize can top AU$21 million.

All three Lotto games have the same odd of winning the Division 1 prize in a single game - one in 8,145,060.