Tonight's EuroMillions Draw Offers £72 Million Jackpot

Excitement is building for tonight’s EuroMillions draw as there is a £72 million (€88 million) jackpot at stake. This is currently the third largest EuroMillions top prize seen so far this year after players in the previous eight draws have failed to match all seven numbers drawn.

Tonight's EuroMillions Draw Offers £72 Million Jackpot

The largest EuroMillions jackpot so far this year was worth a huge £108 million (€130 million) and was shared between one ticket holder from France and another from Spain after they correctly matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars in the draw on 7th January. Following closely in second place was the £107 million (€129 million) jackpot won by UK ticket holder Neil Trotter on 14th March. Although Trotter, a car mechanic from South London, claimed his prize almost two months ago, he has recently hit the headlines again as his name is being exploited in a EuroMillions lottery scam.

The email scam, which was highlighted by police last week, informs the recipient that they have been selected by Trotter to receive a share of his win. The email claims to be from Trotter himself and say that, in an effort to alleviate poverty, he has chosen to award 15 people with a £1 million cash sum. Although the scam claims to be from the £107 million winner, police have said that the emails are in no way associated with Trotter. Further details on this latest EuroMillions scam can be found on the News page.

Tonight’s EuroMillions draw is the first one of the month so it will be interesting to see if any player can break the current roll over run and emerge from tonight’s draw £72 million richer. EuroMillions tickets can be purchased up until 19.30 BST / 20.30 CEST either online or from an authorised retailer.

The winning numbers from tonight’s draw will be available from 20.30 BST / 21.30 CEST on so don’t forget to check your tickets to see if your numbers came up!

Written by Grace Mee

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