Police Warn Players Over EuroMillions Lottery Scam

Action Fraud, a service run by the City of London Police, has issued a warning over an online scam which falsely claims to be from UK EuroMillions jackpot winner Neil Trotter. The scam, which has mainly targeted London residents, informs people that they have been selected at random to receive a share of Trotter’s £107.9 million win.

Police Warn Players Over EuroMillions Lottery Scam

Independent organisation Hoax Slayer first exposed the scam emails, falsely claiming to be from Trotter, earlier this week. The scam claims that that, as part of his effort to alleviate poverty, Trotter has chosen to give 15 people a £1 million endowment. Although the emails claim to be from the recent EuroMillions winner, police have been quick to stress that the emails are in no way associated with Trotter.

Although the emails don’t ask for any personal or financial information at first, subsequent emails from the scammers attempt to convince the victim that they will have to pay a processing fee in order to receive the £1 million sum.

Action Fraud has advised anyone who receives an email claiming to be from Trotter to report it directly to them. For information on internet fraud and how to report a scam email, visit www.actionfraud.police.uk.

Sadly, lottery scams are becoming increasingly common and WorldLottery.net would like to remind readers to remain vigilant in order to avoid falling victim to a malicious scam.

Written by Grace Mee

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