Spanish Christmas Lottery Advert Sparks El Gordo Excitement

Christmas may still be more than a month away, but festive songs are already being played on the radio, trees and lights are going up everywhere you look and new TV advertisements are being aired all the time. In the world of lotteries, one advert stands out as being the most eagerly anticipated signal that Christmas is just around the corner, and the 2017 El Gordo de Navidad commercial has now been launched.

Spanish Christmas Lottery Advert Sparks El Gordo Excitement

A Heartwarming Tale

The El Gordo advert has become almost as much of a tradition as the lottery itself. They are typically big-budget affairs which are longer than normal TV commercials, and this year’s effort has raised the bar to new heights. Clocking in at almost 20 minutes, the full-length video tells the heartwarming tale of an alien, Danielle, who lands in Spain just in time for the Spanish Christmas Lottery and wins the heart of local tour guide Daniel. It has been directed by acclaimed filmmaker Alejandro Amenabar and is laden with special effects.

El Gordo Extravaganza

The advert contributes to the overall extravaganza that is El Gordo, and is sure to spark excitement among fans all over Spain. It is estimated that 75% of the Spanish population takes part in the Christmas Lottery, with millions of tickets available and a huge number of prizes up for grabs. The game offers a bigger prize pot than any other lottery in the world.

Even the draw itself is a big event, as children from San Ildefonso School in Madrid select balls from two giant machines and sing the results. It is all televised in a programme which lasts several hours, and towns and communities can end up sharing success together. Find out more about how El Gordo de Navidad works.

El Gordo has been held every year since it started in 1812, and will once again take place on 22nd December this time around. Fans of the game can take part by visiting authorised retailers in Spain, or by playing online from anywhere in the world. Good luck!

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