Excitement Builds for Tonight's EuroMillions Draw

EuroMillions fever is spreading across Europe as tonight’s draw has an impressive £85 million (€105 million) jackpot at stake. The jackpot has been rolling over since 2nd May and, in total, there have been nine successive draws without a top tier winner.

Excitement Builds for Tonight's EuroMillions Draw

Tonight’s draw was scheduled to be a EuroMillions Superdraw but as the jackpot reached the €100 million mark naturally, the Superdraw has been postponed. For further information on why this happened, and what happens to the prize money that was put aside for the Superdraw, visit the WorldLottery.net News page.

Ticket sales for tonight’s draw are expected to soar as this is third largest jackpot seen so far this year. The largest of the year came on 7th January when, following ten draws without a jackpot winner, one ticket holder from France and another from Spain shared the top tier prize of £108 million (€130 million). Following closely in second place was the £107 million (€130 million) jackpot won by UK ticket holder Neil Trotter on 14th March.

Should a UK ticket holder follow in Trotter’s footsteps and win the jackpot this evening, they would be 989th on The Sunday Times Rich list alongside film director Tim Burton and his wife, actress Helena Bonham Carter. The jackpot would also place the winner £15 million ahead of boy band sensation One Direction who, after just four years, have amassed a combined fortune of £70 million.

With such a large jackpot at stake, lottery officials are expecting a last-minute rush for EuroMillions tickets and are urging players to buy their tickets in plenty of time for the draw.

Tonight’s EuroMillions results will be available from 20.30 BST on www.euro-millions.com so don’t forget to check your tickets to see if you matched a winning combination!

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