What Will Happen to Friday's EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot?

A EuroMillions Superdraw with a guaranteed €100 million* jackpot was scheduled to take place on Friday but as the jackpot has naturally surpassed the €100 million mark due to a succession of rollovers, Friday’s Superdraw has now been postponed. As this has never happened before it has left players wondering what will happen to the prize money that was put aside for Friday’s Superdraw jackpot.

What Will Happen to Friday's EuroMillions Superdraw Jackpot?

Under normal circumstances, a Superdraw jackpot is made up of the previous jackpot plus additional funds from the Common Prize Fund which, together, would make up a guaranteed €100 million jackpot. This is the case even if the jackpot in the preceding draw was won. However, ticket sales have been sufficiently high in the past few weeks that the jackpot has exceeded the Superdraw amount of its own accord. However, players will still have the benefit of these unused additional funds as they will be returned to the Common Prize Fund and used to supplement future prize draws.

As lottery officials cannot predict when a EuroMillions jackpot will be won it is impossible to estimate the amount the jackpot could reach in a draw which is still several weeks away and this is a problem which faces officials each time they plan and advertise a Superdraw. Surprisingly it is the first time the situation has arisen when the advertised Superdraw has been trumped by a naturally occurring jackpot. As there will no longer be a Superdraw on Friday, it will be interesting to see whether EuroMillions officials will announce another special draw in the near future.

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*The jackpot is set at guaranteed €100 million and is estimated at £80 million based on the exchange rate.

Written by Grace Mee

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