EuroMillions Superdraw to Take Place on 30th June

A EuroMillions Superdraw is to be held on 30th June, raising the jackpot to a guaranteed €100 million (current value of around £85 million) and giving players another chance to win a second colossal prize in the space of a few weeks.

EuroMillions Superdraw to Take Place on 30th June

A Belgian player became the eighth biggest winner in EuroMillions history on Friday 2nd June when they matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to scoop €153.8 million (£134.8 million), and the month will now also finish on a high note after the announcement of the first Superdraw of 2017.

Superdraws are scheduled from time to time to create excitement around Europe, and they work by increasing the jackpot to a set amount. It does not matter how high the top prize is in the previous draw, or whether it is won or not - the jackpot is topped up by the EuroMillions Booster Fund. 

The jackpot can roll over if it is not won on the night, and when the last Superdraw took place in September 2016 it was not until 11th October that a lucky ticket holder from Belgium landed €168 million (£153.3 million).

While players will be looking forward to the end of June and the chance to win a nine-figure jackpot, there will also be a top prize of £14 million (€17 million) available for Tuesday night’s draw. Numbers can be chosen online or via authorised retailers in any of the participating countries.

You can enter the Superdraw now by clicking here.

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