Belgian Player Bags Huge EuroMillions Jackpot

A EuroMillions player from Belgium has become the eighth largest winner in the history of the game after landing a staggering jackpot of €153.8 million (£134.8 million) on Friday 2nd June. The top prize had grown to its highest value of the year after a run of 14 rollovers, sparking much excitement around Europe, and over 3.8 million participants picked up rewards.

Belgian Player Bags Huge EuroMillions Jackpot

The numbers drawn were 8, 10, 24, 33 and 42, with Lucky Stars 3 and 9. The Belgian lottery is now waiting for the lucky player to come forward, so the country can crown its second biggest winner of all time, after a father of four from Brussels scooped €168 million on Tuesday 11th October 2016.

As well as the jackpot winner, seven ticket holders from across the nine participating countries won £178,884 (€290,732) after matching five main numbers plus one Lucky Star, while 23 players matched five main numbers to pocket £12,680 (€20,609).Take a look at the latest EuroMillions Results for more information.

There have now been eight winners of the top prize in 2017 - two from Belgium, two from the UK and one each from France, Portugal, Spain and Ireland. The record for the largest jackpot is still shared by two ticket holders - Adrian and Gillian Bayford from the UK, and an unnamed Portuguese participant, who both won after the top prize had hit its €190 million cap.

EuroMillions fans will have another chance to win a fortune in Tuesday night’s draw, when the jackpot will stand at £14 million (€17 million). Numbers can be chosen online or via authorised retailers in the participating countries.

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