EuroMillions Rules to Change This Weekend

A number of EuroMillions rule changes will come into force this weekend, with the aim of creating bigger, faster-rolling jackpots as well as providing a number of additional ways to win for players in the nine participating countries. An extra Lucky Star will be added to the matrix, bringing the total to 12 and a new pan-European raffle will be scheduled occasionally throughout the year, offering awards of £1 million/€1 million/CHF1 million to multiple players.

EuroMillions Rules to Change This Weekend

The EuroMillions draw on Friday 23rd September will be the last under the current rules, with tickets on sale from Saturday for the new version of the game. Many players will see a slight increase in the price of a standard EuroMillions line, but included in that cost will be entry to a new or enhanced country-specific supplementary game.

Additional EuroMillions Games

UK EuroMillions players will play for one of two Millionaire Maker prizes of £1 million in every regular draw, rather than the current single award. In addition, every player is eligible to enter the Monthly Bonus Draw, which provides a prize pool of £1 million. Irish ticket holders can win one of ten guaranteed €5,000 Ireland Only Raffle prizes and Belgium’s National Lottery will give away 200 My Bonus awards of €500 on a Tuesday and 400 on a Friday.

Spanish players are entered into the El Millón draw on the Friday of the week in which they played to win a potential €1 million, with Portuguese ticket holders receiving the same opportunity from their own dedicated game called M1LHÃO. Swiss participants have their five main EuroMillions numbers entered into another draw on the same night as part of 2. Chance, with a top prize of CHF150,000, whilst Luxembourg’s players will receive additional cash sums for matching three or more main EuroMillions numbers thanks to Extra Lux.

French EuroMillions tickets will remain at €2.50, but players will be able to add Etoile+ to their ticket for a small additional fee, allowing them to win a prize for simply matching a Lucky Star in the main draw. The Austrian Lottery is not introducing a game solely for its own players, but the price of a standard EuroMillions line will rise by just €0.20, the lowest increase in Europe. Austrians will still be able to play for one of the €1 million prizes on offer when the first pan-European raffle is drawn on Friday 28th October and lottery officials in the country will hold a second chance draw exclusively for its ticket holders if no Austrian player wins one of the prizes on offer. The raffle will be known under different names across Europe, with Austrians calling it MillionenRegen, UK players referring to it as European Millionaire Maker and French players knowing it as Pluie de Millionnaires en Europe.

EuroMillions Jackpots

From the first draw under the new EuroMillions draw on Tuesday 27th September, the amount of the prize fund dedicated to the jackpot will increase from 32 percent, as it currently stands, to 43.2 percent for the first six draws of a rollover cycle. From the seventh draw until it is won or rolls down, the contribution will drop to 27 percent, but the slice of the income diverted to the Booster Fund, which ensures that there will always be a minimum jackpot of €17 million (around £14 million) and helps pay for Superdraws, will increase. The first EuroMillions Superdraw under the new rules will take place on Friday 30th September and will offer a top prize of €130 million (estimated £109 million).

Friday’s jackpot stands at €23 million (£20 million) and you can buy EuroMillions tickets for the last draw with just 11 Lucky Stars online and at retailers now.

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