Changes to EuroMillions Planned for September 2016

A number of exciting changes to EuroMillions have been announced for September 2016, with the introduction of a European Millionaire Raffle, the chance for bigger rolling jackpots and some amazing special draws, including a Monthly Bonus Draw for UK players. It’s all set to take place on Tuesday 27th September, when the first EuroMillions draw under the new rules will be held, and is part of creating a bigger, better game for the hundreds of millions of players across nine participating countries. Here’s how various aspects of the game will be affected by the changes:

Changes to EuroMillions Planned for September 2016

EuroMillions Jackpot

A special EuroMillions draw will be held on Friday 30th September to commemorate the new changes and will offer a jackpot worth an estimated £100 million (guaranteed €130 million). Following that, Superdraws will continue to be held from time to time, providing fixed top prizes for players to pursue.

Starting jackpots will increase in value, rising from the current amount of €15 million (estimated £12 million) to a whopping €17 million (estimated £14 million). While the jackpot cap won’t change, once the top prize hits €190 million (estimated £157 million), it will now be allowed to stay at that cap for four draws before it has to be won or is rolled down into the next prize tier with winners.

The jackpot will be able to roll to bigger amounts at a faster rate because more money will be allocated to funding the top prize. At the moment, 32 percent of the prize fund is dedicated to the jackpot, but on 24th September 2016 that amount will increase to 42 percent.

EuroMillions Prizes and Odds of Winning

While you’ll still select five main numbers from 1 to 50, the ball pool for choosing the two Lucky Stars will rise from 11 to 12. With this change to EuroMillions, the odds of winning the jackpot will be set at 1 in 139,838,160 starting on Saturday 24th September 2016. However, your odds of winning any prize on the game will still be 1 in 13, and the estimated value of non-jackpot prizes you might win could even increase!

Millionaire Maker and Mega Friday

Instead of just one UK Millionaire Maker winner in every EuroMillions draw, there will be two prizes of £1 million on offer. Mega Friday will become Mega Week, with the last Tuesday and last Friday draw of each month offering multiple chances to win £1 million and a superb non-cash prize befitting of your new status.

UK Monthly Bonus Draw

If you’re playing EuroMillions in the UK, you’ll have the opportunity to take part in the new Monthly Bonus Draw, which will be launched in due course. This special game will offer a prize pool of £1 million, with all online EuroMillions tickets automatically entered into the draw. If you play EuroMillions through authorised UK retailers, you will need to register your ticket online to have a chance of winning in the Monthly Bonus Draw.

Ticket Price

The cost of a EuroMillions ticket in the UK will increase from £2 to £2.50, while in other participating countries the price will rise from €2 to €2.50. In Switzerland, ticket holders will see the cost of a single line rise to CHF3.50.

Don’t forget that you can still play EuroMillions under the existing rules right up to and including the draw on Friday 23rd September 2016. On Saturday 24th September, tickets for the all-new EuroMillions will go on sale, and the first draw will take place on Tuesday 27th September.

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