Why Tonight’s £24.8 Million UK Lotto Jackpot Must be Won

Excitement is building amongst UK Lotto players ahead of tonight’s draw, which will see at least one player land the jackpot sum. Having rolled over for ten successive draws, the game’s top prize has breached the £22 million jackpot cap, meaning that the £24.8 million on offer must be won.

Why Tonight’s £24.8 Million UK Lotto Jackpot Must be Won

I Didn’t Know Lotto Had a Jackpot Cap

For those who are unaware, Lotto has a jackpot cap of £22 million. This limit was introduced in 2016 and followed a number of big prize wins in excess of £30 million, including a £66 million sum which was shared between two players on Saturday 9th January 2016. During this time, the jackpot cap was £50 million, a rule that had been introduced in October 2015; however, in order to generate more excitement by offering larger prizes on a more regular basis, the bar was significantly lowered.

The new rules state that the Lotto jackpot may roll until it reaches £22 million, after which the prize on offer can roll just once more before it must be won in the following draw. If a winner cannot be found, the prize money will roll down to the next highest winning prize tier, most likely to be claimed by those able to match five numbers and the Bonus Ball. Should this situation occur, players will find themselves six times more likely to land a huge sum of cash.

Has the Jackpot Cap Been Reached Before?

Amazingly, this is the fifth time the cap has been activated and the second time this year. The limit was first called upon on Wednesday 14th September 2016, when the prize on offer reached an incredible £24.4 million, only to roll down and be split three ways amongst participants in the Match 5 + Bonus Ball tier.

The jackpot cap was last reached earlier this year on Wednesday 24th May, when two players in the second tier prospered to the tune of £12.7 million apiece. Since then, the game’s premium prize has threatened to smash through the barrier, but has ultimately fallen just shorlot.

So, How Do I Win?

Given that the £24.8 million jackpot must be won in tonight’s draw, there has never been a better time to take part. You can play Lotto online from almost anywhere in the world or pick up a ticket from an authorised retailer across the UK. Good luck!

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