Why the MUSL Decided To Bring Back Lotto America

Tickets for the revamped Lotto America have gone on sale in participating states ahead of the first draw on Wednesday night. The game will fill the void left by Hot Lotto, which came to an end last month, and will give players the chance to enjoy a Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL) game for just $1 a ticket following Mega Millions’ recent price increase.

Why the MUSL Decided To Bring Back Lotto America

Lotto America had previously existed in a different format between 1988 and 1992, before making way for Powerball. The decision to bring it back has now been explained, after the MUSL explored a number of options for how to replace Powerball.

Why did Hot Lotto end?

The final Hot Lotto draw took place on Saturday 28th October, after an announcement earlier this year in which Iowa Lottery CEO Terry Rich said that ‘every game has a lifespan’. Hot Lotto had been played for more than 15 years, but became embroiled in major controversy which eventually led to MUSL employee Eddie Tipton being jailed for fixing results.   

Why is Lotto America coming back?

MUSL officials decided they needed to freshen things up after Hot Lotto and offer exciting new prizes.  Explaining the decision to revive Lotto America, Rich said: “As we were researching new game possibilities there was one name that kept coming up, so we decided to go vintage. After 25 years, Lotto America is making a comeback, with new features for today's players.”

How will the new Lotto America work?

Lotto America draws will take place every Wednesday and Saturday evening. The jackpot will start at $2 million and keep growing until it is won, although the top prize for the first draw will be $15 million after nobody won the final Hot Lotto jackpot. Players will be required to pick five numbers from a pool of 52, plus a single Star Ball number from a choice of 10.

Prizes are available for matching just the Star Ball upwards, while players can increase the value of non-jackpot prizes by up to five times if they take up the option of the All Star Bonus Number.

The game will be played in all 14 states which participated in Hot Lotto, although New Hampshire will not be joining straight away and will instead focus on its new Keno game until launching Lotto America in 2018.

For now, players can enjoy the game by visiting authorised retailers in any of the following states: Delaware, Idaho, Iowa, Kansas, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, South Dakota, Tennessee, West Virginia.

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