Why New Zealand Powerball Draw Left Some Fans Furious

A number of New Zealand Powerball fans were left baffled and angry on Saturday night after the draw had to be redone following a technical mix-up. The TV presenter announced the winning number too early, leading to some players complaining that they had been denied a fortune.

Why New Zealand Powerball Draw Left Some Fans Furious

The six main Lotto numbers and the Bonus Ball were drawn without any problems, before attention turned to the Powerball. “There it is - Powerball number six,” said host Sonia Gray as the ball settled in the pipe, before turning to see that the ball had come out at the last second and the tube was empty as it started to rise up the machine.

Gray had to quickly correct herself and say that the remainder of the draw would be conducted off-air under audit scrutiny, with the official Powerball later confirmed as number 1. Questioned by reporters on what had happened, Lotto NZ’s Emilia Mazur said: “In last night’s draw there was a technical issue, and it appears the Powerball number was called too soon. Those results weren’t valid.”

The officials results disappointed many of the ticket holders who had chosen 6 as their Powerball, with many taking to social media to vent their rage. One punter wrote: “I think it should stay number 6 if there are winners as how sad would it be if someone was watching and knew they had won and then to find they didn’t. That’s pretty sad!!!!!” Another posted: “Should have been left at number 6…. sat there long enough to be called.”

However, there were also some players who were happy to see the draw redone. “I can’t complain. I won more with the new Powerball number,” said Jamie Woods. Lotto NZ officials admitted the event was unusual, saying there had only been a handful of occasions in the last 30 years when Lotto or Powerball had needed to be conducted off-air.

Nobody matched all six numbers plus the Powerball in Saturday’s draw, pushing the jackpot up to NZD $6 million ahead of Wednesday’s game.

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