Which is the Luckiest EuroMillions Country?

With Friday 17th October’s EuroMillions jackpot standing at a magnificent £128 million (€162 million), players will be frantically trying any methods they can think of to improve their chances of scooping a gigantic lottery fortune. You may have a set of numbers with which you are keeping faith, perhaps you have been saluting magpies all week or maybe you’re thinking of moving to a different country to stand a better chance of claiming riches beyond your wildest dreams!

Which is the Luckiest EuroMillions Country?

Jackpots have been won by players in eight different nations during 2014, but one state is leading the way by a significant length when it comes to bagging the top prize this year. Despite Spain’s economy faltering more than most recently, in the last nine and a half months it has been home to eight EuroMillions jackpot winners who have shared a gigantic total of £316.8 million (€398.3 million by today’s exchange rate).

With Spain being one of only three EuroMillions nations to tax their citizens’ lottery winnings, a continuation of this lucky streak might see them rival Germany as Europe’s premier superpower!

Before you book yourself on the next budget flight to Torremolinos to buy your EuroMillions tickets for Friday, it is worth noting that the second luckiest nation in the continent-wide lottery this year has been the UK. Two British players have snapped up £181.1 million (€227.7 million today) between them, bolstered by mechanic Neil Trotter’s £107.9 million (€135.6 million) haul in March. Third in the league table are the two French EuroMillions jackpot winners of 2014 with £108.3 million (€136.1 million) combined, followed by a pair of Irish winning tickets which saw £80.7 million (€101.4 million) making its way to the Emerald Isle.

Will another Spanish ticket take the lot on Friday or will the UK begin to close the gap? You can buy your £128 million EuroMillions ticket from authorised retailers in any of the participating countries or online from the warmth of your own home wherever you live!

For a full list of the luckiest EuroMillions nations since the lottery began, visit Euro-Millions.com.

Good luck!

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