Which Country Did Best in the first European Millionaire Maker?

The first edition of a special new Europe-wide raffle was held on Friday 28th October and guaranteed that 25 EuroMillions ticket holders from across the continent would become millionaires. Known as European Millionaire Maker in the UK, Lluvia de Millones in Spain and by different names in other participating countries, it was France who emerged as the top nation on the night.

Which Country Did Best in the first European Millionaire Maker?

Eight French players matched unique nine-digit codes to win €1 million each on Pluis de Millionnaires, while there were four winners each from Spain and Belgium. The UK produced three millionaires, as did Luxembourg, while there were two Portuguese winners and one from Switzerland. While none of the 25 codes drawn created an Austrian winner, Austria’s lottery had pledged that if that was the case then an additional €1 million prize would be created and given away to someone in the country.

On a spectacular night for players all over Europe, the EuroMillions jackpot was also won as a lucky Portuguese participant matched all five main numbers and both Lucky Stars to pocket €17.3 million (£15.6 million). This was the second draw in a row that the top prize had been scooped, after a Belgian player won €50.1 million (£44.7 million) on Tuesday 25th October. Visit the Lottery Results section to find out more.

The jackpot will again be worth £15 million (€17 million) tomorrow night, giving players everywhere another chance to win great prizes. While the European raffle will only take place occasionally throughout the year, there are country-specific draws such as Millionaire Maker in the UK and Ireland Only Raffle which are held alongside every EuroMillions draw.

You can put yourself in with a chance of winning a great prize by buying a ticket now, either by entering online or visiting an authorised retailer in one of the participating nations. Best of luck!

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