Where are the World’s Biggest Jackpots This Week?

The days have gone when lottery fans were restricted to playing games based solely in their own country. Thanks to lottery concierge services, who send local agents to buy tickets on the behalf of players around the globe, and lottery betting sites like Jackpot.com, someone from Brighton in the UK can win the same prizes as a player from Brisbane in Australia, so where are the world’s biggest jackpots this week?

Where are the World’s Biggest Jackpots This Week?

US Lotteries

Following a weekend when America’s two major lotteries, Powerball and Mega Millions, gave away jackpots worth more than $1 billion (£738 million) combined, the games reverted back to their base levels. Happily enough though, their $40 million (£29 million) minimum jackpots are still hefty sums.

With a rollover on Tuesday night in the first draw after a Florida player banked $450 million (£331.9 million), Mega Millions now stands at $45 million (£33.1 million) ahead of Friday’s edition.

European Lotteries

The picture is even more rosy in Europe, where three lotteries in particular are worthy of mention for jackpot hunters. EuroMillions rolled on Tuesday for the third time since an Irish family scooped the last jackpot of 2017, to hit €50 million (£44.2 million), whilst Eurojackpot is worth €54 million (£47.8 million) this weekend. Top of the tree on the continent, though, is Italy’s SuperEnalotto, where anyone matching all six main numbers on Thursday will bank a share of a massive €83.5 million (£73.9 million).

Australian Lotteries

Heading Down Under, and Australia Powerball’s biggest jackpot in a year is offered for Thursday night’s draw. You can snap up AU$55 million (£31.9 million) this week, even if the closest you’ve come to visiting Oz is watching an episode of Home and Away.

The advantage to playing this game is that, at 1 in 76.7 million, it offers the best odds of claiming one of these big worldwide jackpots. Find out how to play Australia Powerball at the Australian Lottery page.

Whichever game you pick this week, make sure you check the Lottery Results at WorldLottery.net soon after the draw takes place to see if you are a newly minted millionaire. Good luck!

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