Where a EuroMillions Win Puts You on the Hollywood Rich List

Friday’s €130 million EuroMillions Superdraw jackpot rolled over, meaning lottery fans across Europe have €139 million to play for on Tuesday night. That kind of wealth is usually reserved for A-list celebrities and business leaders, but you could have it nestling in your bank account by the weekend. Where would a €139 million windfall land you in the Hollywood rich list?

Where a EuroMillions Win Puts You on the Hollywood Rich List

Hollywood Stars’ Wealth

Currently, €139 million converts to US$166.2 million, which means you would fall just short of the 33rd richest actor, Robert Redford. The 81-year-old, worth $170 million, is known for films such as The Sting and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, both of which involved him attempting to take other people’s cash by underhand means. However, you could boost your bank account in an entirely legal manner by winning EuroMillions on Tuesday night!

A solo EuroMillions win in midweek would send you into the list above both Sir Anthony Hopkins ($160 million) and Robert De Niro ($150 million), although you would be advised not to gloat too much, as you wouldn’t want to incur the wrath of a couple of their most famous on-screen personas - Hannibal Lecter and Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle.

Splitting the EuroMillions Jackpot

Even if you had to split the jackpot with another ticket holder, each taking home €69.5 million ($83.1 million),  you would still be richer than Four Weddings and a Funeral star Hugh Grant ($80 million), and Jason Bourne himself - Matt Damon ($75 million).

Whether you would splash out on a mansion in Beverly Hills, a villa on the seafront at Malibu or an apartment in downtown LA, a €139 million EuroMillions win would let you live like Hollywood royalty for the rest of your life. You can buy tickets at retailers in the nine participating nations or choose your numbers online ahead of Tuesday’s draw. Don’t forget to check the EuroMillions results soon after the draw takes place.

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