What Could You Spend the £72 Million Superdraw Jackpot On?

The EuroMillions Superdraw has finally arrived, bringing with it a jackpot worth a guaranteed €100 million (estimated £72 million). Matching all five main numbers and two Lucky Stars drawn this evening could see you become richer than Lewis Hamilton, who is estimated to have a net value of £68 million. Have a look at the Superdraws page at Euro-Millions.com to learn to learn more about these very special games.

What Could You Spend the £72 Million Superdraw Jackpot On?

Most people have an idea of how they’d spend the dosh if they got their hands on it, but if you find yourself at a loss, here’s a handy guide on what you could do with it.

Forget snapping up a timeshare in Costa Blanca - with £72 million in the bank, you could grab a whole island for yourself. Why not throw down some cash for Hasir Island, just off the Turkish Aegean Coast? With 25 acres at your disposal for the very reasonable price of $6.1 million (£4 million), you could build a home to your specifications and live out your days in luxury.

If you’d prefer to stay on British soil, don’t worry; there are plenty of stately homes on the market in need of a good, kind and cash-loaded owner. How about Holwood House, a Grade I listed building in Keston, Greater London? The sprawling grounds don’t just contain a beautiful building, they’ve got a lot of history - it was at Holwood House that William Pitt the Younger and William Wilberforce sat down together to discuss abolition of the slave trade.

It’s a steal at £12 million, holding within its walls a pool room, a silk pillow-laden party room, cinema room, tennis court and 11 tastefully-appointed bedrooms. There’s also 45 acres of land at your disposal, but sadly, the tree under which Pitt and Wilberforce made their historic decision is long gone. If you had £60 million leftover, you could surely plant another!

Of course, you’d need a car befitting of your new status as a mega-millionaire - you couldn’t park your old Volkswagen Golf in front of an 11 bedroom mansion! You might want to pay a visit to the H.R. Owen dealerships, who exclusively sell luxury vehicles. Why not try a Bentley Continental GT convertible? Its estimated value falls between £136,000 and £167,000, a drop in the bucket compared to the eight-figure sum in your bank account. Choose between a four and six litre engine and you’ll be roaring away in no time.

While you’d most likely never work again - not to pay the bills, at least - it would be nice to keep track of the time so that you don’t forget that round of golf while you’re shopping for a new set of clothes. Why not try a Vacheron Constantin Tour de I’lle, clocking in at a cool £1 million? It has two faces that accommodate a perpetual calendar, second time zone and loads of other features.

This is just a taste of what you could pick up if you won it all tonight - pretty much anything else you wanted would be yours if you had your heart set on it. Of course, to have a chance of turning your fantasy into reality, you need to buy EuroMillions tickets before 7.30pm GMT (8.30pm CET) tonight either online or from authorised retailers. Good luck, and hopefully you’ll be calling an estate agent soon to pick up the lovely Holwood House for yourself!

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