Welsh Hairdresser Becomes EuroMillions Millionaire In The Nick Of Time

A 41-year-old hairdresser from Brecon, Wales, who became a EuroMillions millionaire on Friday 1st June, has revealed he bought his winning ticket with just four minutes left until sales closed. In an incredible turn of events, Richard Davies’ car then broke down on the way to collect his seven-figure windfall.

Welsh Hairdresser Becomes EuroMillions Millionaire In The Nick Of Time

“Friday Had Been Frantic In The Salon!”

The Welshman left it late to buy his ticket for the main EuroMillions draw, but he’s delighted he did after matching one of the two winning codes in the supplementary UK Millionaire Maker raffle, which has two guaranteed prizes of £1 million in every draw.  

Davies, owner of Talgarth’s Chop and Change hair salon for 14 years, bought his ticket from the local Co-Operative store in Brecon. However, he only realised he was in possession of a winning ticket five days later when he went to check his numbers.

He said: “I had forgotten to buy my ticket and, as ever, Friday had been frantic in the salon! I dashed out to the Co-Operative round the corner and went back there to check my numbers the following Wednesday. I waited in quite a long queue and was told they were unable to pay out such a large amount.

“I rang my partner Faye straight away and we were both in shock, but I had a day full of appointments in the salon. As soon as I had a spare moment, I rang Camelot (the operators of the UK National Lottery) and was calmly taken through the winning process – I had to cut the call short as my client’s colour was ready and needed to be washed off!”

Stranded In The Car On The Way To Winners’ Lounge

After being told they couldn’t collect their winnings from their local Co-Operative store, Richard and Faye set off on a 180-mile journey to the National Lottery Winners’ Lounge in Watford, just outside central London, to receive their prize in person. However, three hours after setting off, disaster struck on the road.

The hairdresser explained: “The car broke down and we were a bit panicked we would miss our appointment. Faye rang and bought AA membership (breakdown cover for drivers), and after hearing our story, they prioritised our call-out and we arrived with five minutes to spare!

“We can’t believe our luck at all. I’m planning on carrying on at my salon but it will be great to start planning how to treat ourselves. We can’t believe our luck, really, neither can any of my clients!”

The couple, who have been together for ten years, now plan to use their winnings to go on their first holiday together.

Become The Next Millionaire Maker Winner

You can follow in the footsteps of Richard and Faye by entering this Friday’s EuroMillions draw and giving yourself a chance of winning an estimated jackpot worth £14 million.

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