US Jackpots Roll into April

The jackpots in both of the two biggest multi-state lottery games in the USA rolled over in their most recent draws, virtually ensuring that April gets off to an exciting start. The Mega Millions game tonight (Tuesday 1st April) will offer a jackpot worth an advertised $20 million after no player won the $15 million that was up for grabs last Friday 28th March, and the Powerball game on Wednesday 2nd April is advertising a multi-rollover jackpot worth $60 million.

US Jackpots Roll into April

Neither of the jackpots just mentioned are the biggest that have been offered by the games in question. The biggest jackpot won by Mega Millions players was worth $656 million, and that prize was shared by three tickets in March 2012. The biggest Powerball jackpot was landed by a single ticket in May 2013 and was worth $590 million. Whilst $20 million and $60 million don't come close to competing with the nine-figure sums just mentioned, they are still jackpots that would completely transform the lives of anyone lucky enough to win them.

The beginning of any new month always inspires people to have a go at winning themselves a lottery fortune, so with rollover jackpots available in both the Mega Millions and Powerball games it isn't surprising that many retailers expect particularly strong ticket sales. As always, players with an internet connection are advised to buy tickets online to avoid the risk of losing a potentially life-changing entry and missing out on the kind of cash that even most A-List celebrities would like to get their hands on. Information on how to do that for both games can be found by visiting

Lottery players in Europe will be pleased to hear that they don't have to simply sit back and watch their American cousins have all the fun trying to win a fortune this week. Closer to home, the EuroMillions game tonight will offer a brand new jackpot of around £12 million (€15 million guaranteed), and the SuperEnalotto game boasts a multi-rollover jackpot worth €10.7 million.

Good luck to everyone who plans on entering any of the games that we have highlighted here, and don't forget to return here tomorrow for your daily helping of the latest news and views.

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