Unclaimed EuroMillions Prize about to Expire

A UK EuroMillions ticket holder from the Reading area is sitting on a £404,235 fortune and might not even realise it. The player bought an entry for the draw which was held on Tuesday 28th October 2014 and matched five main numbers and one Lucky Star, but has so far failed to come forward with just days left until the cut-off date for claims. The winning EuroMillions numbers for that particular draw were 10, 15, 17, 40 and 45 with Lucky Stars 1 and 2.

Unclaimed EuroMillions Prize about to Expire

EuroMillions and Lotto players in the UK have 180 days to come forward, after which date unclaimed lottery prizes, and any interest that they have accrued, are transferred to the Good Causes fund which supports charities and community projects across the country. The holder of the ticket has until Sunday 26th April to root through their trouser pockets, turn out their handbags and delve into every nook and cranny of their house in order to find the slip of paper which could buy them a four bedroom detached house in the Tilehurst area of the town outright.

If you live in Reading, or were visiting around the time of the 28th October, then you could be sitting on a huge amount of cash. There would have been Hallowe’en decorations and costumes in the shops when you bought your ticket, and you might remember reports about about the red ceramic poppies which had begun to be installed at the Tower of London. If that rings a bell, then you still have time to find that ticket!

If you do buy physical tickets for lottery draws, then it is important that you sign the back of them and put them in a safe, memorable place. If you buy your entries online, then you eliminate the problem of losing tickets and they are electronically stored in your account and you will receive an email if you have won a prize.

EuroMillions returns on Friday night with a double rollover jackpot of £22 million (€31 million) up for grabs and tickets are on sale now. To find out more about this exciting big-money game, check out the dedicated EuroMillions page.

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