UK Syndicate Claims Share of £6.2 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

A lucky group of work colleagues from Portsmouth, UK, stepped forward this week to claim their share of the £6.2 million jackpot from Saturday’s UK Lotto draw.

UK Syndicate Claims Share of £6.2 Million UK Lotto Jackpot

In total, Saturday’s draw had four jackpot winning tickets and as one of the tickets belonged to a syndicate consisting of four civil engineers from a Portsmouth based firm, their share of the £6.2 million jackpot worked out at £1,558,848 between them.

The lucky team of four has only been buying UK Lotto tickets since the start of the year and each team member selects one line of numbers per draw and then the group adds a single Lucky Dip ticket. It was the lucky line of numbers selected by 22-year-old Lewis Fox, son of syndicate leader Tom Fox, which led to the big win. Lewis told officials, “We try to pick numbers that mean a lot to us and the number 22 is extremely important to the Fox family. It is the date of my Mum’s birthday and was also my Nan’s lucky number who is sadly no longer with us.”

As syndicate leader, it was Tom who checked the numbers on Saturday night and found out they had won the jackpot. Recalling the moment he discovered the win Fox told officials, “I had to watch the Lotto draw back ten times before I realised that we’d definitely won and I was then straight on the phone trying to get hold of everyone. I froze the screen with the winning numbers so they could check I was right as my wife didn’t believe me when I told her over the phone!”

With their new found fortune, the syndicate is now planning a group holiday to Tenerife next month. Syndicate member Mark Bush, 41, said “We’ve been on holiday together before but this will most definitely be a holiday that we won’t ever forget. We still can’t quite believe we’ve won!”

UK Lotto officials have yet to confirm if the other jackpot winners from Saturday’s draw have claimed their share of the top prize. For players who have yet to check the UK Lotto numbers from the draw on Saturday 15th March, the winning numbers were 14, 19, 22, 25, 38 and 48 with the Bonus Ball 8.

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