UK Lotto to Create 10 Millionaires for Valentine’s Day

UK Lotto is spreading the love this year by creating 10 millionaires in tomorrow’s draw to celebrate Valentine’s Day. In addition to a bumper £6.7 million rollover jackpot and the usual 50 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000, ten ticket holders will see their bank balances boosted up to seven figures on the most romantic day of the year.

UK Lotto to Create 10 Millionaires for Valentine’s Day

The ten winners will be found in a special extra round of Lotto Raffle in which players must match the code which is automatically generated on their ticket with one of those drawn. Just like the regular Lotto Raffle, entry is included in the ticket price and everyone who plays the main Lotto game is eligible to win one of the £1 million awards. 

In addition to this exciting special event, the main Lotto jackpot will be worth £6.7 million after no one matched all six main numbers on Wednesday night. Winning amounts scooped on the night ranged from £25 for matching three main numbers, up to £45,330 for matching five and the Bonus Ball. See the winning line, Lotto Raffle codes and a full prize breakdown at the Results section of

Whilst you are out, wining and dining with your beloved on Saturday night, your Lotto tickets could be earning you a seven-figure windfall which means you can upgrade from discount supermarket fizz to a magnum of Dom Perignon!

You can buy your Lotto tickets now either online or from an authorised retailer and then keep your fingers crossed for both a direct hit from Cupid’s arrow and a massive Lotto win this Valentine’s Day. Good luck!

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