UK Lotto Ticket Holder Wins £21.3 Million Jackpot

One UK Lotto player will certainly have the chance to make the most of the summer after winning Saturday’s £21.3 million jackpot. The lucky ticket holder correctly matched the numbers 4, 16, 26, 39, 42 and 54 to land the eight-figure sum and end a run of eight consecutive rollovers.

UK Lotto Ticket Holder Wins £21.3 Million Jackpot

This is the first time the jackpot has been won since two players split a sum of £25.4 million on Wednesday 24th May, a draw that saw the top prize roll down to the Match 5+1 tier after the jackpot cap was breached. With the possibility of another roll down looming, the fortuitous lottery fan successfully captured their reward at just the right time.

Not only has the victor, who is yet to make contact with National Lottery officials, written their name in Lotto history as the 14th player to land the top prize this year, but they now also hold the honour of winning the biggest single ticket prize of 2017.

This win could also bring good fortune to another ticket holder this week. On two occasions in the past three months, a big money win has been followed by another jackpot victory in the very next draw. This occurred in the draw on Wednesday 22nd March, when a player collected a £1.9 million prize, and again on Saturday 15th April as an entrant picked up a £3.4 million reward. 

Saturday’s draw didn’t just leave the jackpot winner jumping for joy, as three other players correctly predicted five main numbers and the Bonus ball (24) to walk away with £28,064 each. It also proved a prosperous evening for a further 1,301,469 players, all of whom won prizes ranging from a free Lucky Dip ticket for matching two numbers to £1,067 for matching five main numbers.

The good fortune continued long into the night, as one lucky ticket holder matched the Millionaire Raffle code PLUM 4673 8983 to instantly win £1 million. In addition, 20 prizes of £20,000 were also given away.

The Lotto jackpot has now been reset ahead of this Wednesday's draw, when ticket holders will play for £1.9 million. If you fancy celebrating the final draw of June with a premium prize win, you can pick your numbers online or take part through any authorised retailer across the UK. Good luck!

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