UK Lotto Ticket Holder Wins £12.7 Million Jackpot

One lucky UK Lotto player is £12.7 million richer after landing Saturday’s jackpot prize. The mystery ticket holder is yet to make contact with National Lottery officials, but has become the 11th winner of the top prize in 2017 and the second player to correctly predict all six main numbers this month.

UK Lotto Ticket Holder Wins £12.7 Million Jackpot

The fortuitous lottery fan correctly matched the numbers 5, 13, 21, 35, 41 and 47 to win the eight-figure sum. In doing so, the player became the first ticket holder to win the jackpot since an unnamed individual walked away with a £6.9 million fortune on Wednesday 5th July. The latest victor also instantly became the winner of the biggest UK Lotto prize since a £21.3 million sum was claimed following the draw on Saturday 24th June.

Saturday’s draw also proved profitable for four ticket holders who each scooped £19,611 by correctly matching five numbers and the Bonus Ball (23), while 135 players matched five numbers to win £611. There were a further 1,350,901 lucky winners, each of whom stand to receive prizes ranging from a free Lucky Dip ticket for matching two main numbers to £77 for matching four main numbers.

It wasn’t just the Lotto jackpot winner who ended the weekend as a millionaire. A single ticket holder correctly matched the code BLUE 3619 9606 to land a £1 million reward courtesy of the Millionaire Raffle draw. There were also 20 prizes of £20,000 won by successful ticket holders.

If you didn’t quite manage to win the jackpot this time around, don’t worry. This Wednesday’s top prize of a guaranteed £1.9 million presents the ideal opportunity for those looking for a midweek financial boost to become the 12th winner this year and the third in July alone. To enter, simply pick your numbers online or play through any authorised retailer. Good luck!

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