UK Lotto Set For £8.1 Million Double Rollover Jackpot

Saturday’s UK Lotto draw will feature a double rollover jackpot of £8.1 million after no players managed to scoop the top prize in last night’s draw. Although there were no jackpot winners, a prize fund of over £5 million was spread out between 170,933 fortunate ticket holders.

UK Lotto Set For £8.1 Million Double Rollover Jackpot

While the jackpot was unclaimed, six lucky players matched five of the main balls drawn plus the Bonus Ball to land £29,880 each. There were an additional 176 players who netted £864 each for matching five main numbers while another 9,427 participants snapped up £85 each for matching four main numbers. The remaining 161,324 UK Lotto winners received £25 each for matching three main numbers.

In addition to the lucky winners in the main Lotto draw, 100 ticket holders became £20,000 richer after the codes printed on their tickets matched those drawn in the supplementary Lotto Raffle. As last night’s draw resulted in a rollover, there will be an astonishing 150 Lotto Raffle prizes available for the draw on Saturday 23rd August.

A full prize breakdown, including the winning raffle codes, can be found on the Results Page at

The prize pot continues to be sweetened and players across the UK will be thinking about what they’d do with a Lotto Raffle prize or the amazing jackpot. You could do quite a lot with £8.1 million - we’re dreaming about buying a posh flat, going on a few shopping trips and taking a holiday to somewhere warm and sunny. If you think you can beat the odds and become a UK Lotto millionaire, then we’d like to remind you that tickets are on sale now. Good luck!

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