UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 25th June 2014

The penultimate UK Lotto draw of June took place last night and although more than 150,000 prizes were given out, no player won the coveted top prize.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 25th June 2014

Of the 155,828 winning tickets, just one matched all five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to secure the entire second tier prize pool and an impressive win worth £155,710. Since the beginning of the year there have only been eight other occasions when a larger second tier prize was given, the largest of which was worth an amazing 585,956.

The second largest prize awarded last night was won by 137 ticket holders and was worth £965 to each player. In the final two tiers, there were 7,831 players who matched four main numbers to win £89 each and 147,859 players who matched three main numbers to win the set prize of £25 each.

In the additional UK Lotto draw, 50 players won £20,000 each when they matched one of the unique codes drawn. A full list of the winning codes can be found on the UK Lotto Raffle Results page on

As the jackpot was not won in last night’s game, Saturday’s UK Lotto draw will offer players a rollover jackpot estimated at £5.3 million and 100 Lotto Raffle prizes worth £20,000 each. If you’d like to compete in this weekend’s big game, tickets can be purchased online via the Lottery Tickets tab or in person from an authorised retailer.

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