UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 22nd January 2014

In last night’s UK Lotto draw, two lucky ticket holders matched the magic six numbers to share a £1,563,904 windfall. There have been an abundance of jackpot wins in recent weeks with an amazing nine top prize winners in just four draws.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 22nd January 2014

Three secondary tier winners, who matched five balls plus the Bonus Ball, took home £41,609 each and a further 205,468 successful ticket holders shared a total of £5,488,919. Among the winning tickets were 245 worth £432 each, more than 12,000 tickets worth £46 each and almost 200,000 players matched just three balls to win £25.

In addition to this, the regular Lotto Raffle draw handed out a further 50 prizes of £20,000. For a comprehensive list of last night’s winning raffle codes, visit

Other Lottery News

In last night’s American Powerball draw, the jackpot rolled over once again to boost Saturday’s top prize to an impressive US$131,000,000. Three particularly successful players from California, Indiana and New York won the second prize of US$1,000,000. However, as one ticket was bought in California the win is subject to pari-mutuel conditions, resulting in a prize of US$347,092 for the Californian resident. The latest US Powerball results are available on

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