UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 2nd April 2014

Last night saw the first UK Lotto draw of the month take place and gave players across Great Britain the chance to win a new jackpot worth £2.9 million. The results showed that 109,929 players were lucky enough to scoop a prize in last night’s draw, with one ticket holder matching all six main numbers to take home the top prize.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 2nd April 2014

As only one ticket holder in the nation successfully matched all six main numbers, the lucky player won the entire jackpot prize worth £2,904,130. A total of 89 players narrowly missed the jackpot by one number as they matched five main numbers to each win £2,343. However, five of these ticket holders also matched the Bonus Ball so their win increased to £46,361.

In the remaining prize tiers, 5,006 players matched four main numbers to win £207 and the smallest prize, worth £25, was won by over 104,000 players who all matched three main numbers. In the additional Lotto Raffle game, 50 players scooped prizes worth £20,000 for matching one of the winning raffle codes, all of which can be found on

Out of the ten UK Lotto draws that took place last month, the jackpot was won eight times with combined top prize winnings over the successful draws amounting to an impressive £29.4 million. As April got off to a good start for one lucky winner, time will tell if the rest of the month turns out to be equally lucky for UK Lotto players.

Written by Grace Mee

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