UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 19th February 2014

The sixth UK Lotto draw of the month took place last night and gave players the chance to win a jackpot worth just over £3 million. However, as players failed to match all six main numbers drawn last night to claim the UK Lotto jackpot, the jackpot has increased to an estimated £6.6 million for Saturday’s draw.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 19th February 2014

A striking feature of last night’s draw was that there were no winners in either the first or second prize tiers. This is unusual enough in itself but the fact that this has happened for the second time this month makes it particularly unusual. The last time there were no winners in either of the top two tiers for two draws in a single month was way back on 17th August 2011.

In the remaining prize tiers, there were over 115,000 winners who shared a prize pool of £4.9 million. In the Match 5 tier, 86 players each won £2,214 while 5,463 players matched four main numbers to win £184.

In the Lotto Raffle draw, there were 50 ticket holders who each won the set raffle prize of £20,000. The Lotto Raffle results from last night’s draw can be found on

As the jackpot has rolled over, the number of £20,000 Lotto Raffle prizes increases to 100 for Saturday’s draw.

Other Mid-Week Lottery Results

After several weeks without a top prize winner, one lucky ticket holder from California finally matched the winning numbers in last night’s Powerball draw to scoop the entire $425.3 million jackpot. This is the first Powerball jackpot win of the year and is only the second time a ticket holder from California has won the Powerball jackpot. will bring you the latest news as the story develops.

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