UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 16th July 2014

Yesterday's UK Lotto draw saw more than 170,000 prizes given out, one of which was worth a cool £1.6 million. Just one lucky player was able to match all six main numbers last night and secured the entire top prize of exactly £1,688,532.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 16th July 2014

In addition to the fortunate top tier winner, 195 ticket holders came within just one number of sharing the coveted jackpot. Three of these players matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to win £44,925 each and 192 players matched five main numbers to win £596 each.

A further 10,254 players matched four main numbers to win £59 each and 163,825 players matched just three main numbers to win the set prize of £25 each. The supplementary UK Lotto Raffle saw 50 players win prizes worth £20,000 each when they matched one of the unique codes drawn. A full list of all 50 winning codes can be found on the UK Lotto Raffle Results page at

In total, the UK Lotto awarded more than £7.6 million in prizes last night and will have an even larger prize pool available to play for this weekend. Saturday’s draw has an estimated jackpot of £4.1 million up for grabs plus another 50 prizes of £20,000 in the Lotto Raffle.

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