UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 12th February

The UK Lotto jackpot for Saturday 15th February now stands at £5,400,000 after players failed to match all six main numbers in yesterday’s draw. The highest prize on the night was £77,260 after two lucky ticket holders matched five main balls plus the Bonus Ball to share a cash pool of £144,520.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 12th February

Over 170,000 prizes, worth a total of more than £5 million, were won on the night. In addition to the two secondary tier winners, 195 players matched five main balls to win £629 each, 9,578 ticket holders matched four main numbers to win £67 each and 167,539 participants matched just three main numbers to win £25. The UK Lotto also had 50 guaranteed raffle prizes of £20,000 up for grabs.

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In Other Lottery News

One of America’s favourite lotteries, Powerball, is now offering players the chance to win a colossal top prize of $330 million – that’s almost £200 million! The jackpot rolled over for the 14th time last night and has not been this high since August of last year. However, despite there being no top prize winner in last night’s draw; the lottery did still dole out eight $1 million prizes after the fortunate players managed to match all five main numbers. For further information on Powerball, including the latest results and prize breakdown, visit

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