UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 10th September

It’s a triple rollover for UK Lotto as no ticket holder was able to scoop last night’s £8.1 million jackpot. The jackpot for Saturday 13th September will be worth a tidy £11 million - an amount that hasn’t been seen since January 2014. The jackpot for Wednesday 1st January was worth £11.3 million and rolled over to £13.7 million for the draw on Saturday 4th January. The big prize was then rolled down to the next winning tier after no player could match all six main numbers drawn, and the Lotto hasn’t offered a jackpot of that size since then.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 10th September

The winning numbers for last night’s draw were 13, 16, 18, 24, 31 and 43 with Bonus Ball 2, and over 175,000 players matched some combination of these numbers to win a cash prize of some kind. There were five ticket holders who grabbed £41,514 each for matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball while 180 players won a payout of £979 for matching five main numbers. The 8,957 players who matched four main numbers all snapped up £104 and 166,725 ticket holders matched three main numbers to win the fixed prize of £25.

An additional 150 ticket holders woke up £20,000 richer this morning after the code on their ticket matched one of the winning codes drawn in the supplementary Lotto Raffle. For a full breakdown of the results from last night’s draw, visit the Results Page at

While there’s a £11 million jackpot up for grabs, an astonishing 200 Lotto Raffle prizes are also on offer, so it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting weekend! If you won £11 million on the Lotto on Saturday 13th September, you could setting off on holiday for a warmer and sunnier location by Tuesday of next week. If you’re stuck for places to go if and when you pick up your life-changing windfall, we hear that it’s going to be sunny and at least 30°C in Kos, Greece next week. A Lotto Raffle win of £20,000 would also be enough to get you there in short order!

If you’ve been unsure about playing Lotto before, now is definitely the time to get in on the action. There will be countless numbers of players across the UK hoping to beat the odds and become the first Lotto jackpot winner of September, and if you buy a ticket, that lucky person could be you! Make sure you make your ticket purchases before sales close at 7:30 PM on Saturday - if you pick them up today or tomorrow you could avoid the possibility of massive queues at the weekend. Good luck!

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