UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 1st January 2014

Attention was firmly focused on last night’s UK Lotto draw as players had the chance to win a triple rollover jackpot worth £11.3 million. However, the results revealed that no ticket holder matched all six main numbers drawn to win the jackpot and so Saturday’s jackpot is now worth £13.7 million.

UK Lotto Results for Wednesday 1st January 2014

As the jackpot has now rolled over four times, a special draw will take place this Saturday where the jackpot must be won. If no ticket holder successfully matches all six main numbers drawn, the jackpot will not rollover again but instead roll down and be shared between players in the next winning prize tier.

Although no ticket holders won the jackpot in last night’s draw, a total of 270,876 ticket holders did win a prize. Nine ticket holders matched five main numbers and the Bonus Ball to win £26,731 each while 272 players each won £750 by matching five main numbers. A further 14,738 players won £73 each by matching four main numbers and over 255,000 ticket holders matched three main numbers to win £25.

In addition to the winners in the main UK Lotto draw, there were 200 Lotto Raffle prize winners taking home £20,000 each. The number of Lotto Raffle prizes in last night’s draw had increased to 200 following three consecutive draws without a jackpot winner. To view a full prize breakdown from last night’s draw, including all 200 Lotto Raffle results, visit the Lotto Results page on

As the UK Lotto jackpot must be won in Saturday’s draw, demand for tickets is likely to rise so we advise players to have their tickets for Saturday’s Lotto draw in plenty of time. Tickets can be purchased from an authorised retailer or online by visiting

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