UK Lotto Player Lands £18.1 Million Jackpot

One of the largest UK Lotto jackpots of the year was given away on Saturday 18th November as a single player matched all six main numbers to win £18.1 million. The top prize had previously rolled over seven times in a row since someone landed £3.5 million on Saturday 21st October.

UK Lotto Player Lands £18.1 Million Jackpot

Lotto Results

The Lotto numbers drawn on Saturday night were 1, 20, 24, 36, 54 and 58, with Bonus Ball 11. Along with the jackpot winner, two more ticket holders matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to walk away with £40,351 each, while over a million other prizes were won.

The other prizes ranged from a free Lotto Lucky Dip for matching two main numbers to £1,573 for matching five main numbers. In the Lotto Millionaire Raffle, the player matching the code PLUM 0648 0728 scooped £1 million, while 20 other players picked up £20,000 each.

Big Jackpots

Saturday’s success story was just the latest in a great year for UK Lotto players. The top prize has been won regularly and there have been two occasions when the £22 million jackpot cap has been surpassed.

It most recently happened on Wednesday 18th October, when five participants split £25 million just by matching five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball, as the full jackpot amount had to be given away in that draw under lottery rules.

The Lotto jackpot will now reset to an estimated £1.9 million for Wednesday night’s draw, giving players another chance to win a fortune. You can get involved by going to any authorised retailer or playing online. Good luck!

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