UK Lotto Jackpot Nears £10 Million Mark

The UK Lotto jackpot has climbed to almost £10 million after two successive draws without a top tier winner. The estimated jackpot value for Saturday’s draw now stands at £9.2 million but this figure could increase if there is a last minute surge in ticket sales.

UK Lotto Jackpot Nears £10 Million Mark

The last time UK Lotto players won a jackpot larger than the one up for grabs in Saturday’s draw was almost six months ago on 12th October 2013. In that draw, a single lucky ticket holder matched all six winning numbers to claim the full £10 million jackpot. While players in last night’s draw weren’t as successful as October’s lucky £10 million winner, six ticket holders came within one number of the jackpot. All six matched five main numbers plus the Bonus Ball to share a prize pool of £189,042.

Adding to the second tier winners were 119 players who matched five main numbers to win £1,348 each and 8,253 players who matched four main numbers to secure £102 each. In the final tier, 152,406 ticket holders won £25 each for matching just three main numbers.

The additional Lotto Raffle draw saw 100 prizes of £20,000 awarded to lucky players who managed to match one of the unique raffle codes. To view a list of the winning codes, visit

With a jackpot nearing £10 million and the number of £20,000 Lotto Raffle prizes increased to 150, ticket sales for Saturday’s draw are likely to be in high demand. If you want the chance to win big, make sure you have your tickets at the ready.

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