UK Lotto Jackpot Must be Won on Wednesday

For the second time in two months, UK Lotto has passed its jackpot cap and is offering a draw in which the top prize fund must be won. If no one matches all six main numbers on Wednesday 19th October, the jackpot, worth £26 million, will roll down to the next prize tier with winners. This means a number of players could be celebrating multimillion-pound wins in midweek.

UK Lotto Jackpot Must be Won on Wednesday

UK Lotto’s jackpot cap is set at £22 million and, once that amount has been reached or passed, it can roll over only once more before it has to be paid out. Saturday 15th October’s top prize was worth £24.2 million, but as there was no winner, this week’s must-win draw was triggered.

The last time the cap was reached was Saturday 10th September, when the jackpot of £22.5 million rolled over. There was no top prize winner in the following draw on Wednesday 14th September, meaning three ticket holders scooped £8.1 million each for matching just five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. On 9th January, the top prize rolled past the previous cap of £50 million, with two players hitting the £66 million jackpot in the following draw, avoiding a roll down on that occasion. The UK National Lottery can choose to change the value of the jackpot cap, but will always advertise the new level in advance of it being reached.  

You can play UK Lotto online or by buying physical tickets at authorised retailers across the country. Don’t forget to check the results soon after the draw takes place on Wednesday night to see if you have hit the jackpot, banked a seven-figure sum for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball or even pocketed the £1 million top tier Lotto Millionaire Raffle prize. Good luck.

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