UK Lotto Crowns First Jackpot Winner Since Major Overhaul

The first player to win the UK Lotto jackpot since ten more balls were added to the game scooped £14.6 million on Wednesday 21st October. The Lotto changes came into force in time for the draw on Saturday 10th October, with three rollovers since then producing last night’s eight-figure bounty, Lotto’s biggest prize since five players shared £19.5 million on Saturday 29th September 2012.

UK Lotto Crowns First Jackpot Winner Since Major Overhaul

Another player has reason to celebrate after picking up £1 million on the Lotto Millionaire Raffle supplementary game, which also distributed 20 awards of £20,000 to those who matched the winning codes.

The new rules are designed to offer bigger top prizes, with the scrapping of the previous limit of four rollovers allowing jackpots to grow to a cap of £50 million. The current record jackpot for the game was set on Saturday 6th January 1996, when three players shared £42 million. Camelot chief executive Andy Duncan explained the reasons behind the revamp when it was announced in June, “offering players more chances than ever to become a millionaire on Lotto [due to the introduction of Lotto Millionaire Raffle] and bigger rolling jackpots is part of our programme of continuous innovation and builds on Lotto's ongoing success.”

Lotto will be drawn again on Saturday, with a jackpot of £4.4 million on offer, along with another guaranteed £1 million Lotto Millionaire Raffle award. For your chance to scoop a life-changing amount of cash, you can buy Lotto tickets online or from authorised retailers in the UK up until 7:30pm (BST) on the day of the draw. Good luck! 

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