UK EuroMillions Prize of £1 Million Due to Expire Next Week

Lottery officials are still waiting for a UK EuroMillions ticket holder to come forward and claim their £1 million prize before it expires next week.

UK EuroMillions Prize of £1 Million Due to Expire Next Week

The winning ticket was purchased from a retailer in Trafford, Manchester for the draw on 23rd August 2013 and matched the Millionaire Raffle code MFQ213183. The lucky winner has until 23.00 GMT on Wednesday 19th February to claim their win before the £1 million prize, plus the interest the prize has generated, is added to the National Lottery Good Causes fund.

The list of unclaimed prizes is growing as an increasing number of players either lose their tickets or simply forget to check them. Previous UK Lottery winners Nigel and Sharon from Hale, who won £12.4 million in 2010, said that it is easy to forget to check lottery tickets and have admitted to leaving it several weeks before checking their own numbers. Players purchasing their EuroMillions or Lotto UK tickets online can avoid the risk of missing out on a prize as the National Lottery’s system sends out emails to winning tickets holders and, for all but very large wins, pays the funds directly into the players account.

Over the past few weeks, several UK lottery prizes have expired and been added to the Good Causes fund. A total of £33 million is distributed to causes across the UK each week and, since the National Lottery launched in November 1994, more than £31 billion has been donated to the Good Causes fund. Further information on Good Causes can be found on

Weekend Lottery Jackpots

There are some great jackpots at stake in draws across the world this weekend. Starting with US lottery draws, tonight’s US Mega Millions draw offers a US$139 million jackpot while tomorrow night’s US Powerball draw gives players the chance to win an impressive US$330 million jackpot. In European lottery draws, tonight’s EuroMillions jackpot is worth £20 million (€25 million) and tomorrow night’s UK Lotto draw has a jackpot of £5.4 million plus 100 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 to play for.

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