UK EuroMillions Players Await Spectacular New Year Event

EuroMillions players across the UK are preparing themselves for a New Year to remember as the National Lottery promises to crown ten millionaires in one night. Scheduled to take place on Friday 29th December, the draw will occur shortly after the main EuroMillions draw and is part of the organisation’s generous festive offering.

UK EuroMillions Players Await Spectacular New Year Event

UK EuroMillions Success in 2017

News of this impending prize draw will come as music to the ears of UK players, who have already experienced a mightily successful year when it comes to EuroMillions. Players from the co-founding nation have now claimed 70 out of 378 jackpots since 2004, a record that certainly fills those who are yet to win with plenty of hope.

However, attentions will shift from the game’s top prize for a single night at least, as players across the land aim to secure a £1 million sum in what is being touted as a New Year phenomenon. In total, ten guaranteed seven-figure prizes will be up for grabs, no doubt filling ticket holders with the post-Christmas collywobbles.   

Previous Festive Draws

In previous years, UK EuroMillions players have been given the chance to win sensational, once-in-a-lifetime getaways on top of a £1 million reward. Part of Mega Week and its retired predecessor Mega Friday, the draw has previously packed successful players off to spectacular Swedish mountain lodges and incredible five-star hotels in the very heart of Canada’s Rocky Mountains. However, in a break from tradition, National Lottery bosses have decided to shelve the vacation element of the prize in favour of creating even more millionaires in a single night.

UK Lotto Christmas Raffle

This event will round off quite a week for UK lottery lovers, with the Lotto Christmas Raffle set to take place on Saturday 23rd December. The special draw will act as an extension of the regular Lotto Millionaire Raffle, a game in which one lucky ticket holder wins £1 million and 20 other participants receive £20,000 each for matching a alphanumeric code. However, in keeping with the festive spirit, a further 200 players will win prizes of £20,000 in what promises to be a memorable night for many Lotto fans.

Why Wait For New Year?

If you simply cannot wait for the Yuletide shenanigans to kick off, why not take part in tonight’s EuroMillions draw? For your chance to add £94 million to your bank account in time for Christmas, simply pick your numbers online. Act now through and you will receive an online scratchcard absolutely free, giving you an extra change of enjoying a truly extravagant end to 2017. Just enter the code displayed in the banner above when completing your EuroMillions purchase. Good luck!

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