Tuesday Lottery Preview

The Tuesday EuroMillions game this week will be offering a jackpot worth an estimated £17 million (€21 million) thanks to a rollover last Friday. Regular readers who like to keep a close eye on developments may have noticed that the main number 45 and the Lucky Star number 11 were drawn on Friday, and both of those numbers had previously been highlighted here as being most overdue to make an appearance. The question now is whether or not the statistics will help someone to land the jackpot on Tuesday.

Tuesday Lottery Preview

A visit to the EuroMillions Statistics page over at Euro-Millions.com reveals that the most overdue main numbers right now are 09, 14, 11, 29 and 48, whilst the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 04 and 06. Players who would prefer to include one or more of the most often picked numbers on their tickets should consider the main numbers 50, 04, 44, 19 and 38 as well as the Lucky Star numbers 05 and 02.

In the USA, lottery fans will be playing for a brand new jackpot worth $15 million after one ticket won the $30 million that was up for grabs in the previous game on Friday. Three of the last six Mega Millions draws have resulted in jackpot wins, so participants will be hoping that the lucky trend continues with another winner or two being created this week.

The other big lottery event this evening is the Italian SuperEnalotto draw. The SuperEnalotto jackpot is one of the most difficult to win from a statistical point of view, but luck can and does help players to defy the odds from time to time and it just might do that tonight. The prize awaiting anyone who can match all six main numbers in the next draw will be worth around €12.2 million.

Our Lottery Results page will bring you the very latest winning numbers as soon as each of the aforementioned draws has taken place, so do bookmark it for ready reference if you haven't already.  That done, good luck to those who will be playing any of the Tuesday lottery games highlighted, and be sure to check back here tomorrow for the latest Lottery News.

Written by Lottie McDonald

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