Tuesday EuroMillions Triple Rollover Jackpot

The Tuesday EuroMillions game this week is a definite eye-catcher thanks to a triple rollover jackpot that is widely expected to be worth around €40 / £33 million. There have been five EuroMillions draws since the year began, and the jackpot has been landed in just one of them, with France and Spain sharing the honours. Now players will be keen to try and win the second EuroMillions jackpot of 2014, and we could be just a matter of hours away from seeing somebody succeed!

Tuesday EuroMillions Triple Rollover Jackpot

No number has a greater chance of being drawn than any other in a genuinely fair lottery game, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t have a lot of fun by spotting apparent patterns and trends and adjusting their own selections accordingly. One strong trend this month is the appearance of the number 10 as a Lucky Star – it has been drawn in each of the last four games and many people will be looking to see if it shows up yet again this evening.

Our friends at Euro-Millions.com have a detailed page of EuroMillions Statistics that provides even more information about all of the numbers used in the game. For example, it tells us that the most often picked main numbers are 50, 04, 11, 44 and 19, and that the most often picked Lucky Star numbers are 05 and 03. As far as the most overdue numbers are concerned, the main numbers to look out for are 34, 16, 04, 21 and 47, and the most overdue Lucky Star numbers are 09 and 02.

Lottery players who want to play several games and give themselves several chances of winning a prize this evening can also take a look at the Mega Millions and SuperEnalotto games, which offer jackpots of $51 million and €26.2 million, respectively. Whatever games you are interested in, don’t forget that you can view all of the latest winning numbers within moments of the draws taking place by visiting our Lottery Results page.

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