Toronto Player Claims Australia Wednesday Lotto Jackpot Winnings

A lottery player from Toronto, New South Wales, confessed it took them five days to realise they were one of five Australia Wednesday Lotto jackpot winners following the draw on Wednesday 24th October. Each of the five jackpot winners received AU$800,000, but there was a delay in the Toronto winner coming forward after their winning entry was unregistered without a Players Club card.

Toronto Player Claims Australia Wednesday Lotto Jackpot Winnings

Ticket Wasn’t Registered with a Players Club Card

The lucky player, who bought their winning ticket from Priceline Pharmacy in Toronto Town Square, took home AU$800,000 following the Wednesday Lotto draw. They matched all six main numbers - 5, 6, 11, 12, 22 and 24 – to scoop the six-figure windfall. The supplementary numbers were 27 and 28.

Bridget Gerdsen, a team member at the Priceline Pharmacy store, said: “We had another smaller division one win earlier this year, but this is definitely the highest to date. Each time we sell a Division 1 winning ticket, the prize gets higher and higher. Maybe we’ll see a $40 million (Australia) Powerball Division 1 winning entry this week.”

However, the jackpot-winning Toronto entry was unregistered which caused the delay in the winner getting in touch with lottery officials to claim their prize. Players in Australia who register their tickets with a Players Club card are always contacted directly by lottery representatives if they have won a prize, but New South Wales (NSW) Lotteries had no way of contacting the winner themselves. They had to rely on the player coming forward, which they did on Monday 29th October, five days later, when they finally realised they were one of the winners.

146th Australia Lotto Millionaire This Year

Matt Hart, a NSW Lotteries spokesperson, reminded players of the benefit of registering their tickets with Players Club following this delay, and said he expects the latest winner to be generous with their winnings. He said: “Whether it’s family or friends, almost every Lotto player has a list of people that they can’t wait to share their windfall with. While some winners help their family members with house deposits, others take their friends on overseas holidays or even shout them a new car.

“While we don’t know how our winner plans to spend their prize, our Toronto winner is no doubt looking forward to having the prize in their hands. It is really important that you register your entries to a Players Club card – this means your prize is secure and we can contact you directly with the good news in the case of a win.”

The Toronto ticket holder has become the 146th millionaire this year thanks to Australia Monday, Wednesday and Saturday Lotto draws, and you could become a winner yourself by picking your numbers online for the upcoming Oz Lotto draw worth £8.1 million on 30th October. Good luck!

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