Tonight’s Lotto Jackpot is Worth £2.1 Million

After a weekend in which 519,572 ticket holders snapped up prizes on the National Lottery’s flagship game, Lotto returns tonight with a lovely top prize of £2.1 million. A special draw was held to celebrate the National Lottery’s 20th birthday and so a whopping 20 players won prizes of £1 million each in addition to four participants who split a jackpot of £7.5 million. Another 50 ticket holders won £20,000 each on the Lotto Raffle.

Tonight’s Lotto Jackpot is Worth £2.1 Million

Hundreds of thousands of other players snapped up cash prizes, from the 487,436 players who matched three main numbers to win a fixed prize of £25 to the 20 ticket holders who picked up £14,683 for matching five main numbers and the Bonus Ball. For a full breakdown from the amazing draw held on Saturday 22nd November, visit the Lotto Results page at

There will also be 50 Lotto Raffle prizes of £20,000 each on offer in addition to the jackpot up for grabs this evening, all of which would be welcomed by anyone who’s already wincing as they think about all the presents, decorations and food that they need to buy for Christmas.

For your chance to join the 33 players who have become millionaires this month thanks to Lotto, make sure that you pick up some tickets before sales stop at 7.30pm GMT tonight. You can buy your entries online or purchase them from an authorised retailer.

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